We're Carbon Neutral

Trees planted near Roche in Cornwall Eco Incentives is taking action on climate change and has offset its carbon emissions to become an official 'Carbon Zero' company.

Eco Incentives is now working with carbon management company co2balance to invest in a range of carbon offset projects, both in the UK and Africa. "Minimising the impact our businesses have on the environment by reducing our carbon footprint is very important to us and we are delighted that we have become Carbon Zero, by working with co2balance," said Eco Incentives Director Miles Lovegrove.

The projects being undertaken through the programme includes working with local communities in East Africa to replace their open fires with solar ovens and energy efficient stoves. These then either replace firewood, or significantly reduce the amount that is needed, producing far less carbon emissions that would have otherwise been created.

Chris Skinner from co2balance said: "With the growing threat of climate change it is important that we take responsibility of our own carbon footprint and it's great that companies like Eco Incentives are working with us to offset their carbon emissions. We own and manage all our projects in order to guarantee that they deliver their carbon offset to ensure that the actions taken by Eco Incentives will help tackle climate change,".

Energy efficient ovens being made in Africa In addition to the Africa project, Trees will also be planted on behalf of Eco Incentives at co2balance's new woodland at Roche in Cornwall. They will be a mixture of Ash, Oak and Alder and will absorb carbon as they grow.

For more information on co2balance and ethical carbon offsetting visit www.co2balance.com